William Mckinnie
was born in Ardrossan, Ayrshire,Scotland and studied at Nottingham College of Art & Design He is currently based in Sunderland, which is situated, in the North-East of England,where he has exhibited in most major art galleries

Our story

William McKinnie

Creating pictures for the future

As an artist I make my living, by making and selling paintings. The important thing to understand is that the reason a person buys my work instead of someone else’s has a lot to do with the experience it gives them. They’re not buying a gallon of paint in a pot-they’re buying what the paintings say to them. My art communicates something to viewer, clearly and directly. It may be about the place, the situation, it may be narrative, it may be visionary or purely technical, but it speaks, and it moves the viewer, it touches their emotional response to the work. My work sells itself. It will speak to people and they will take it home so they can keep that feeling. They have fallen in love. It brings back, that emotion each time they look at their painting. It is love for life.